Monday, March 29, 2010

An Open Letter to John Buccigross

Dear John,
What you did today on Sportscenter was inexcusable. During the Top 10 highlights for the weekend, Shane Carwin's knockout of Frank Mir was #9, and instead of giving Carwin the time and respect he deserved, you said "20 unanswered blows to the head, that's going to cause brain damage or something." You didn't even mention to say Shane Carwin's name. You painted Carwin to be a 'roided-up bouncer they pulled away from the bar who was fighting for his next drink. Did you mention Shane is a full-time engineer? No. Did you mention he was a Division II National Wrestling Champion? No. Did you mention that he is undefeated with all of his fights ending by stoppage in the first round? No! You simply just insulted one of the best athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts on national television. A sport which is getting a show on your very own network quite soon, I might add.

I am training to be a journalist myself, and the first thing I learned is that a journalists job is to report the facts, not personal opinion. So John, do your fucking job and report the news. If you don't like MMA, so what? You don't have to be so pompous as to share your opinion with the whole world. Do your damn job and report the facts, which in this case was that Shane Carwin had an impressive victory over Frank Mir for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship. If you want to talk about golf, get a show about golf. That way, only old men and people with insomnia trying to fall asleep will hear the sound of your insignificant voice. Leave the reporting of the real sports to the real professionals. So, on behalf of MMA fans who felt as outraged as me, I only have these last few words of wisdom: Shut the fuck up and fuck off!

A man who will probably take your job in 5 years :P

PS You're a jackass.

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