Sunday, February 14, 2010

They Stay Fly....

The flyweight division in MMA is possibly the sport's best kept secret. These guys are the quickest and some of the most athletic and dynamic athletes in the sport. However, since it is the lightest weight class allowed under the unified rules, not a lot of organizations have the weight class. With the WEC's management assuring fans that a flyweight division is on the horizon for the organization in 2010, I have begun paying more attention to the division. I highly recommend that any MMA fan watch the Flyweight title fight between John Dodson and Pat Runez in the UWC. That fight is not only a great example of what these guys are capable of, but it's simply one of the best MMA fights I've ever seen. With the fighter's superb quickness and explosiveness, the flyweight division has what it takes to catch fire and win over lots of fans. So, my hopes for this post are to educate the MMA fan on some flyweight names that could be on a screen near you in near future. Here are some fighters to keep an eye on.

Jussier da Silva - Don't let his meager 3-0 record fool you. His crafty ground skills earned him a unanimous decision victory over Shinichi Kojima, Shooto's 125 lb. champion and formerly the consensus #1 flyweight in the world.

Shinichi Kojima - Although he lost his last bout, a non-title affair with da Silva, he is still the Shooto 125 lb. champion. His two victories over former Shooto kingpin Mamoru Yamaguchi helped cement his reputation.

Mamoru Yamaguchi - Former Shooto 125 lb. champion. Recently captured the King of the Cage Flyweight Championship by defeating Frank Baca in impressive fashion.

Pat Runez - PFC and UWC Flyweight Champion. Trains at Arizona Combat sports with Jamie Varner, and can bring it on the feet or the ground. Fight with Dodson was a classic.

Rambaa Somdet
- Muay Thai specialist, extremely quick and dynamic striker. American fans would love this guy.

Kiyotaka Shimizu - Pancrase Flyweight Champion, recently beat Mitsuhisa Sunabe to capture the title.

Mitsuhisa Sunabe - Former Pancrase champion, at 5"8', he is quite possibly the tallest guy in the division. Quick hands and good wrestling.

Alexis Vila - Former Olympic Medalist in wrestling, his size and skill make him a force in the division.

John Dodson - Explosive and powerful, Dodson lost an extremely competitive and hard-fought decision to Runez in his last fight. If he can overcome his tentativeness, he could be a serious threat to anyone in the division.

From one fan to another, I encourage you all to watch these fighters and spread the word. These guys are extremely talented and deserve to have their names out there with all the rest of MMA's top talent.

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