Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seriously...The Brett Rigers Hype...Seriously...

I've been cruising through forums and MMA sites for the past few days since Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers, and there are two things that need to stop.

1. Enough with the f***ing Brett Rogers hype! A lot of people seem to be saying "Dude, he totally busted up Fedors nose so he totally exposed Fedor!" No he did not. Did Brett Rogers bloody Fedor? Yes. Did he break his nose? Maybe. Did he ultimately do any better against Fedor than anyone else? Hell no! I saw created a poll to see if fans think Brett Rogers deserves a rematch. If more than 25% is in favor of yes, I will break something. Remember the times when Randleman dumped Fedor on his head, and Fujita had him doing a dance? Nobody called for a rematch with those two. This isn't taking anything away from Rogers either. He put up a great fight, and he is a game opponent for anyone with an exciting style. That night, he proved he can hang with the big boys, but he didn't accomplish anything against Fedor that no one has before, namely: beat him.

2. People who say Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers was a "dull" or "poor" event were out of their minds. Sure, Werdum and Silva slowed down a bit by the third round of their fight, but it was still an extremely close, back and forth fight featuring two top tier heavyweights, and resulted in a razor thin decision. Anyone who thought Mayhem vs. Shields was boring doesn't know what MMA is. For the first 3-4 rounds it was a very exciting display of grappling at it's finest, and what real MMA fan doesn't like seeing that? Gegard Mousasi lost the first round to Sokodjou, but came back in the second round with another exciting TKO stoppage. So I thought this was a great event, and I enjoyed every minute. Good job Strikeforce, my hat is off to you.

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